Merchandise Order Form


Branch Merchandise Ordering Form

All items in this Guide are presented with the Taverners Australia logo, with local Branch logos applied once designs, pricing and order is confirmed with ICON Sports.

For all clothing, the pricing, ordering, production and payment methods are to be managed directly between Branches and ICON's Customer Service Coordinator. Ties, scarves and some generic items are available by ordering directly with other relevant suppliers noted in this Guide.

To ensure consistency of the organisation's brand identity in public, the items and designs have been created with flexibility to create customisation in consultation with the national marketing team. Please contact the National Marketing Manager for collaboration or advice regarding any additional items or customised needs outside the current Guidelines.

The process for gaining pricing applicable to the required items and quantities is upon direct enquiry to ICON Sports, with the physical ordering form and all contact information included in this Guide to start and facilitate the process.

Merchandise Style, Spec & Ordering

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