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Taverners Australia has been present for over 36 years. Giving a sporting chance.

Taverners Australia is a national network of branches covering all states and territories of Australia. We support the deaf, blind, intellectually impaired, indigenous and young girls to play sport and in particular cricket.

We “give a sporting chance” by providing financial support directly to these groups to allow them to actively participate in cricket – generally at a grass roots level.



It all began with a group of cricket-loving spectators who used to regularly congregate at the Tavern at the Lord’s Cricket Ground in England. Through general conversation they decided they wanted to give those who were young, disadvantaged or disabled a better chance of furthering their love of and involvement in the game of cricket, or sport in general. Thus the organisation called “The Lord’s Taverners” was formed.


The Lord’s Taverners Australia was formed in 1982, at the instigation of devoted Taverner, the now late John Darling. We are an autonomous organisation that has grown to 11 branches in all States and Territories of Australia, with approximately 2500 members. This club was registered as a charity dedicated to the promotion of cricket among young people.


Our members come from all walks of life with media, the professions, the arts and business communities being well represented. What we have in common is a love of sport generally, a love of cricket and most importantly a desire to raise money to support disadvantaged and disabled young people.


The Lord’s Taverners is best described as a charitable association which exists through membership subscriptions, corporate and community partnerships, fund-raising activities and donations. Funds raised are distributed to worthy causes.




To be the premier cricket-based charity in Australia, supporting those less able in the community to improve their lives by sporting participation and inclusion

Mission Statement

Giving the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance that they would otherwise not have.


  • To be recognised as “The” cricket charity in Australia
  • To establish a celebrity ambassador program to generate continuous positive publicity.
  • To develop a public relations and marketing program that optimises the image of The Lord’s Taverners as the premier cricket charity
  • To generate funds of at least $1 million per annum for distribution to our beneficiaries
  • To create an enjoyable and fun, fund-raising program of events and corporate partners through our branch network that not only enables our financial objectives to be achieved but also provides publicity and profile objectives
  • To assist branches by enhancing the profile nationally, constructing national partnerships and enabling the benefits to flow through to local branches
  • To facilitate the establishment of new Branches in regional Australia to increase membership and fund-raising capacity
  • To construct a rationale that defines how we distribute donations
  • To maximise fund-raising activities during each Ashes series, recognising that our links with the UK are unique parts of our history
  • To obtain DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) tax status, so that donors can claim a legitimate tax deduction for their gifts



In late 2017 we developed a strategy to significantly increase our reach and support. At the same time The Taverners were appointed Cricket Australia’s lead Community partner. We have formed a Foundation – The Taverners Foundation, which allows donors of $2 or more to claim a tax deduction for that donation.

A copy of our constitution can also be found bellow.

Our Constitution


Our People

Paul Sheahan AM


John Jeffreys


Micheal Martin OAM

Secretary / Treasurer


ACT Chairmen

John McLaughlin

Hunter Chairman

Richard Lucas

Sydney Chairmen

Joanne Cooper

Northern NSW Chairmen

Geoff Cussen

Northern Territory Chairmen

Mark Anderson

Peel Chairman

Peter Evans

Queensland Chairmen

Geoff Merrill

South Australia Chairmen

Robert Bilyk

Tasmania Chairmen

Stuart Stockdale

Victoria Chairman

Murray McGill

Western Australia Chairmen

MIcheal King

Geelong Chairmen