National Chairman Update August 2019

Hi We are in the midst of some fantastic sport at present with AFL finals, and a win in the Test overnight. Tennis and golf, rugby and motor racing does tend to fill the TV waves at present. His Excellency General the Honorable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) has now formally accepted our position as Patron and you may now update your letterhead with the following reference Patron: His Excellency General the Honorable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) The Taverners have been invited to have a stand at an upcoming open day at Government House in Canberra, which the ACT branch will take responsibility for. I had a great time in London watching the second Test and attending a Taverner function in Oxted as well as spending some hours in their office after the Test match.  A highlight at Oxted was the chance meeting of all 4 Taverner Chairman from UK, South Africa, Ireland and Australia, the four regions where Taverner branches exist.
John Jeffreys (Australia) Tom Rodwell (Ireland), David Collier (UK), Ian Kilbride (South Africa)
The discussions were worthwhile and interesting
  • Ireland and South Africa branches have less than 50 members each
  • Taverners in UK are very keen to remove the word Lords from their name. They have Lady Taverners as well and wish to neutralise the gender and just become the Taverners. As in Australia the proposal is causing some divide!
  • Paul Robin CEO and Tim Berg COO are facing many of the same issue we have, but with a staff of 24 are in a better position to act
  • They are becoming very focused on measuring the impact the Taverners has within the community and within programs.
  • The function at Oxted was a game of cricket between Taverners and Yankee Wanderers. It poured with rain, they had a marque seating 300+ and had a sit down luncheon and raised £65,000!
  • Tim has arranged to send me 20 copies of their quarterly magazine – The Long Room, each time it is published. I will forward a copy to each Australian Chairman when received.
  • We have agreed to communicate regularly as we do now and they will feature Taverners Australia in their 1st quarter next year magazine.
Below is a summary of what I have been working on  

Upcoming Taverner Events

Events around Australia in the coming months include:
  • NNSW – 10th Birthday celebration in Lismore – weekend of 4th October 2019
  • Taverners Victoria – Legends Dinner 16th October 2019
  • Taverners ACT PM XI Dinner 23rd October followed by the T 20 against Sri Lanka the following day
  • Taverners National body AGM Wednesday 20th November 2019 at 12 noon Melbourne time
  • Taverners Conference Melbourne, 18 – 21 February 2020
    • Tuesday welcome casual dinner
    • Wednesday Conference, Possible Government House cocktails,  followed by conference dinner
    • Thursday, conference in the morning, LT Victoria dinner function with Kevin Sheedy in the evening
  • Taverners ACT, 27th February 2020 – breakfast prior to Women’s T 20 World Cup game
More details can be found on the various branch web sites  

Upcoming National conferences

The national Executive took the opportunity to meet in Melbourne a few weeks ago when Michael was in town on other business. We discussed the future rotation of the National Conference and reviewed the past list of hosting branches and dates and came up with the next four hosting branches. Melbourne – February 2020 Perth – February 2021 Geelong – February 2022 Brisbane – February 2023 Michael will laisse with the various branches in due course on dates, venues and responsibilities.

Individual Branch membership renewal notices

Has your secretary sent out your membership renewal notices? It’s a good time to forward the invoice together with an update of what your branch has been doing and advising upcoming events or functions.

NCIC January 2020

This carnival will be held in Geelong on 13 – 17 January 2020. This is a week earlier than in the past. We have again agreed to provide $100,000 support for this carnival.

Other CA Championships scheduled

National Indigenous Cricket championships 27 Jan – 3 Feb 2020, at Alice Springs Indoor cricket national championships 27 June – 11 July 2020, venue still undecided


I am still waiting on several branches to provide their subscriptions which were due 30th June. If you are one of those still to pay – please pay and forward an email advising details of your calculation.

Potential New branches

We are looking at a branch to be set up in Bendigo, Victoria and will be meeting with the potential Chairman Graeme Christie in two weeks’ time to progress discussions and set a time frame to set it up. A proposed Ballarat branch is still being considered but is on the backburner at present.

Public Liability Insurance

The updated certificates have been forwarded providing cover to 30th June 2020

Adelaide Test commencing 29th November 2019

The activation at the Adelaide Test is taking shape with many of the CA representatives now back from winter holidays, returning from the UK or being otherwise unavailable. We are planning to have a significant presence of the SA NCIC teams who featured in all three finals last January. We are working on professional tin rattlers to support our volunteers, appropriate messaging, signage and hopefully a better radio and TV presence. We will be showcasing our NCIC commitment as well as the Sporting Chance voucher program in conjunction with the Woolworths Cricket Blast program. Nathan Lyon has again agreed to be the face of disability and will be producing a number of messages early in October for us and CA  

Raffle 2020

We are underway, but sadly responses from branches regarding the branch details for the raffle has been underwhelming! I have the tickets and they need to move from my garage – please provide the details requested several times now

Peel Branch

As you know I have been working with Mark Anderson regarding the way forward for Peel Branch. Over the last two weeks the branch has appointed a new Executive (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Raffle coordinator). The branch plans to rebuild and re-establish its position in the Peel Region over the next period. I will advise details of the new team as soon as I have the detail.     Regards JJ