2021 NCIC Update From National Chairman

I have now been officially advised by Cricket Australia that the NCIC Carnival scheduled for January 2021 will not be held as originally proposed. The Taverners has been working closely with Cricket Australia to find ways to hold the carnival in January 2021, but this has proved impossible.

This is very unfortunate, but we acknowledge the need and requirement that events such as this must be covid safe and the difficulty bringing significant players from interstate for the carnival is exceedingly difficult at this time. The players can be some of the most vulnerable in our society and their health and safety is of paramount importance.

The Taverners have indicated to Cricket Australia its ongoing support and will continue its funding as and when the 2021 carnival is rescheduled. We reiterate our commitment to the players and will find ways through various state organisations to fill the gap left by the carnival cancelation.

Our commitment to the blind and sight impaired, the deaf and hearing impaired as well as the intellectually impaired is as strong as ever and we will continue to raise funds to support these groups in their desire and goal to play sport and particularly cricket.

Our fund raising will continue and we will hold the funds raised to be used, as and when we can.

I am happy to discuss in more detail as may be required.


John Jeffreys
National Chairman